Melva G. Ely, DDS

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Our Practice

Continuous changes in the field of dentistry keep Dr. Ely constantly advancing her knowledge and skills to provide patients with the best experience. She has studied under renowned masters in occlusion and TMJ disorders, including occlusion pioneer Dr. Peter Dawson. She has extensive training in temporomandibular, craniofacial, and oromandibular disorders from some of the most prestigious intitutions in the United States.

  • The Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education
  • The Center for Occlusal Studies
  • Instituto Rocabado
  • BOC Institute
  • LVI Institute

Dr Ely uses the most effective and latest treatment for TMJ/TMD patients, the BOC System, developed by Dr. Roberto Gutierrez and Dr. Mariano Rocabado, one of the most acclaimed experts in the fields of craniocervical, craniomandibular, and orofacial disorders.

The BOC system recognizes the direct relationship between the position of your head and your neck. Misalignment of the cervical vertebras plays an important role in aligning the jaw, or temporomandibular joint. An improperly aligned jaw can result in malocclusion, which causes the majority of signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder.

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